Choose one of the following two cases as your assignment (found the cases folder of the content):

  1. Cott Corporation Cott is the world’s largest supplier of retailer-branded, carbonated soft drinks. It frequently finds itself in competition with Coca-Cola worldwide.  What should the company’s next steps be?
  2. Centre for the Arts The vision and mission of Brock University’s Centre for the Arts is at stake in this case. Facing a demand for increasing revenue and access to the Centre by a variety of faculties, this case offers you an opportunity to apply all that you have learned in this course. 

Read the case you choose at least twice. The first read of the case will provide an overall understanding. Read the case a second time with the intention of identifying any external and internal gaps.

Once again, you need to think in today’s time frame—the year 2020—not the dates these fictional cases provide. For the purpose of this final exam, consider these two cases to be taking place in a post-pandemic world. This will allow you to make realistic and current assumptions for potential external factors or any other gaps you might identify without the complications of Covid-19.

The Task

Apply the seven steps of case analysis framework to the case as you prepare recommendations for the case you choose. Choose and use the appropriate tools to support your findings. Your final report should follow the case analysis framework structure.

 Work carefully through the first three steps of case analysis before moving ahead to the last four steps.

This assignment has one component: a written report.

The Report

The written report needs to be a Word document.  It should indicate your findings at each case analysis step. Findings and reasoning for each step of the case analysis as well as the tools employed should be clearly identified and explained. Data and conclusions from any tool used (S.W.O.T., BCG etc.) should be summarized. 

Length: The written report in word has a maximum length of 1,000 words or four pages, plus a cover page with your name and student number. 


STEP 1: Problem Recognition

STEP 2: Situation Analysis (Use S.W.O.T Analysis or BCG Matrix)

STEP 3: Problem Definition

STEP 4: Identification and Analysis of Major Alternatives

STEP 5: Evaluation of Alternatives

STEP 6: Conclusion

STEP 7: Solution and Implementation

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