Spring 2022

Attached is a chart showing the tuition costs of attending Northampton Community College.  Answer the following questions about the chart.  Use whichever column applies to you.

  1. What kind of function is needed to represent the cost of attending NCC as a function of the number of credits taken?
  2. Write the function that represents the cost of attending NCC.
  3. What is the domain of the function?
  4. What is the range of the function?
  5. Draw a graph of the function.  Use graph paper and make it neat.  Label you x and y axis.
  6. Would you consider this function to be continuous?  Why or why not?
  7. Write a brief paragraph stating what you can conclude from your function.  Make sure it is typed.

Part-Time – Students registered in less than 12 credit hours; additional credit hours over 18

Tuition and FeesNorthampton County PA**Monroe County PAOther PA CountyOut of State/Country
Institutional Fees:
Comprehensive Fee$22$22$22$22
Technology Fee$25$25$25$25
Capital Outlay Fee$0$30$66$114
TOTAL per Credit$163$259$345$509

Full-Time – Students registered in 12 – 18 credit hours

Tuition and FeesNorthampton County PA**Monroe County PAOther PA CountyOut of State/Country
Institutional Fees:
Comprehensive Fee$330$330$330$330
Technology Fee$375$375$375$375
Capital Outlay Fee$0$450$990$1,710
TOTAL Flat Rate$2,445$3,885$5,175$7,635

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