1. completely dependent on each other.  Explore, describing the three areas and show structural inequalities as a part of the Matrix of Domination
  2. Racial ethnics accommodate to their social and economic contexts by adapting to their family patterns. Explore by highlighting African American and Hispanic Families.
  3. Dual-earner families outnumber traditional families.  Discuss, stating ten reasons why this is the case and why more women are in the workforce now.
  4. Gender shapes every day relations in work and family life. Discuss, showing why this leads to more gender inequality.
  5. The effect of the split of work/family that occurred with Industrialization led to unpaid work in the home becoming ‘invisible’. Discuss
  6. Coping as human agency: Explore how individuals devise their own methods. Discuss using ten methods.
  7. Social networks are shaping the sexual choices people make. Explore.
  8. Cuber and Haroff typology of marriages illustrates the point that marital stability does not necessarily indicate marital satisfaction. Discuss
  9. State and discuss ten impacts of children on marriage
  10.  Discuss ten benefits of parenthood

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