This skeleton argument is provided as guidance on layout and form.

PLEASE NOTE: Your skeleton argument must not exceed one side of A4 (with the font set no smaller than 10 point) and in a similar format to that of the sample skeleton argument below. It should summarise your submissions and provide citations for your authorities and other materials. Your skeleton argument must form the basis of your submissions and must be served on the opposing team not less than two working days before your Moot.

In The House of Lords   Parrot Quay Limited Appellant  -and-  Armoury Football Club Limited Respondent ________________________________   Respondent’s Skeleton Argument ________________________________   Ground 1: The pre-cursor to the operation of promissory estoppel is that a recognised legal relationship exists between the parties.    Thomas Hughes v The Metropolitan Railway Company (1877) 2 App. Cas 439 (cited as [1874-1880] All E.R. 187)   Central London Property Trust Ltd v High Trees House [1947] 1 K.B. 130   Attorney General of Hong Kong v Humphreys Estates [1987] 1 A.C. 114   Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989, s.2 Chitty on Contracts (Vol 1) at 3-083 to 3-096. 2. No legal relationship exists between the parties to the present appeal. There is no contract. There is no pre-existing legal relationship. The operation of promissory estoppel provides that a party promises not to enforce their “strict legal rights”. By definition such rights must already be in existence. In the present appeal there are no rights that give rise to a promissory estoppel.  Central London Property Trust Ltd v High Trees House [1947] 1 K.B. 130 Amalgamated Property Co. v Texas Bank [1982] 1 Q.B. 84  3. In the alternative, if the House of Lords find the requirements of promissory estoppel are satisfied, it is submitted that the Court of Appeal was bound by precedent. English contract law rests upon the indivisible trinity of offer, acceptance and consideration. The nature of promissory estoppel does not require the presence of consideration because it is not a contract. To allow a cause of action to be founded upon a promise unsupported by consideration would be to undermine the doctrine of consideration.  Brikom Investments v Carr [1979] 1 Q.B. 467 at 486. Combe v Combe [1951] 2 K.B. 215  Ground 2  1. It is accepted that accelerated payment of an anticipated contract at the specific request of the other negotiating party can give rise to a quantum meruit. However, in the present case there was no specific request.  William Lacey (Hounslow) Ltd v Davis [1957] 1 W.L.R. 932 British Steel Corp v Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co Ltd [1984] 1 All E.R. 504  2. Where work is done in order to put oneself in a position to obtain and perform a contract, the costs incurred are at one’s own risk and do not give rise to any form of liability.  Regalian Properties v London Docklands Development Corporation [1995] 1 W.L.R. 212 Marston Construction Co Ltd v Kigass Ltd (1989) 15 Con. L.R. 116  3. In any event, the services in the present case did not benefit the defendant and, as such, there is no liability under a quantum meruit.  Regalian Properties v London Docklands Development Corporation [1995] 1 W.L.R. 212          The Respondents submit that the appeal be dismissed  Leading Counsel: Mr.                   Junior Counsel: Ms.

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