This assignment helps identify areas of clinical interest that you may have in integrating evidence into the population of interest. You will begin to find evidence as it relates to your practice of interest.

You will select a clinical question topic related to your clinical practice, and post the topic to Discussion Board 2. You will then write a review of your clinical question and population.

From the chapter readings and discussion, formulate a 3-page scholarly paper in APA format, providing an overview of the terms and function of EPB. An introduction, discussion, and conclusion are expected in the overview on this topic.


  1. Identify a clinical question of interest for you.
  2. Provide an overview of databases that are available and relevant to your clinical question.
  3. Write a 3- to 5-page paper that discusses your findings from the database, and the evidence determined.
  4. Include a minimum of three mid- to high-level evidence-based references.

Competency Assessment rubric

If work submitted for this Competency Assessment does not meet the minimum submission requirements, it will be returned without being scored.

Identified three evidence-based references to formulate a valid clinical question  
[Clearly Identified three relevant evidence based references related to a clinical question]  
Defined the clinical question.  
[Succinctly defined the clinical question as it relates to the topic]  
Summarized evidence for PICOT  
[Clearly and precisely summarized the evidence for the PICOT]  
Identified relevant databases  
[Clearly identified databases relevant to the clinical question]  
Overall # Bold Criteria Met/Not Met  
[Overall # Mastery Criteria Met/Not Met]  

The criterion statements in bold are the minimum requirement to show competent performance on the course outcome; all bold criteria must be met to pass this Course Outcome. 

The criterion statements in [Brackets] represent mastery achievement.  A predefined number of mastery criteria must be achieved to earn an A grade, indicating mastery of the Course Outcome.

CLA and Grade Criteria Chart

CRITERIACLA ScoreGradePoints
Meets all bold criteria and 50%-100% of mastery criteria5A1,000
Meets all bold criteria and 0%-49% of mastery criteria4B850
Meets 75%-99% of bold criteria3Not yet competent (F at term end)0
Meets 50%-74% of bold criteria2Not yet competent (F at term end)0
Meets 1%-49% of bold criteria1Not yet competent (F at term end)0
Meets no bold criteria0Not yet competent (F at term end)0
No submissionNANot yet competent (F at term end)0

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