Select an appropriate evaluation or assessment method to measure outcomes for your nursing topic for the nursing student group.
Review the information on test blueprints in Chapter 3 of Oermann and Gaberson (2017).

My nursing topic: Obesity and Lifestyle Change

Part 1: Assessment/Evaluation Items

Develop a blueprint for the assessment/evaluation that includes major topics to be assessed and the intended complexity.
Based on your blueprint, create a short assessment/evaluation that includes both quantitative (e.g., multiple-choice questions) and qualitative (e.g., essay, clinical observation) elements.
Note: The quantitative portion should contain 2 multiple-choice questions. The qualitative portion should be 1 essay question or 2–3 clinical skills to be evaluated.
Develop a rubric or skills checklist to assist in scoring the qualitative portion.
Justify your selection of assessment/evaluation based on the topic, learner characteristic, and learning domain. Use the Learning Resources and/or best available evidence from current literature to support your justification.

Part 2: Implementation and Analysis

Describe how the assessment/evaluation will be given to the nursing students and how it will be scored.
Describe the technology tool you will use to assist with your assessment/evaluation.
Explain how you will perform item analysis once the test is administered and why. What information will you gain from the analysis?
Use the Learning Resources and/or best available evidence from current literature to support your explanation.

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