Describe the importance of forecasting on the value or supply chain. Using a manufacturer or a service, discuss an example of how they may use forecasting in their business. If you use outside sources, be sure to cite your work.

You will answer each discussion question completely, (in at least four (4) sentences


Create a visual description (pictures) that represent a major idea/takeaway from the reading. Explain the description. Make sure to cite.

Remember, all blog entries should be a minimum of 10 full sentences and should be correctly cited. I am not concerned with citation format, just that you attribute the work.

Case: Peppercorn Dining.  Please read the case on page 220 and answer the questions listed in your text:

1. How effective was the OD consultants’ data gathering? The content of the data? The process on how the data was collected?

2. What concepts or models might help you analyze the data? What conclusions would you draw from the analysis?

3. How should the feedback session be designed?

A posting should be more than one or two brief sentences. It should be succinct, certainly, but it should also express the complete thoughts of its author.

•            A posting should not just summarize readings; it should comment on the topic, discussion point, or question. Think about the topic or question in the context of the class, the readings, other postings, personal experiences, etc

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