Review the partially completed  for information about the three articles. The article by Shufutinsky et al. (2020) relates to management topics; Li and Chan’s article (2019) relates to information systems; and the article by Lepkowska-White et al. (2020) relates to marketing. 

  • Using the three articles and the content in the literature matrix, explain the framework used for each article as it applies to the topic being studied.
  • Describe the purpose of each framework and how it is being used in each article.
  • Using a search engine, Google Scholar, or the Capella library databases, find an additional framework that could be used as a basis for understanding the concepts presented in one of the articles. What are the similarities and differences between the framework you selected and the framework discussed in one of the three articles?

Your initial post should contain critical insights on the topic and be supported by relevant, peer-reviewed scholarly articles


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