Scenario: John Henry, one of the employees at the BioHack software
company believing that all emails were private, sent out an inflammatory
email to Jamie, another employee, complaining about a new policy which
rolled out in his department.
The email was flagged, and the IT team brought the email to the notice of
the upper management. They favor terminating the employee, but they
need to know that the law is on their side.
You are required to do some research on the issue and create a privacy
You begin reviewing uCertify Section 5.6: Privacy in the Workplace “The
Case for and against Monitoring.” You do some additional research on
the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002), the case of Smyth v. Pillsbury Co (1996),
and the case of Falmouth Firefighters Union v. Town of Falmouth (2012).
Answer the following questions:
What ethics are involved in these cases?
Would you agree with the court’s ruling that company email does
not demand privacy protection?
What is the rationale for your stance?
What is your recommendation for John Henry, the employee who
sent the inflammatory email?
Should he be terminated or retrained?
What policy would you develop that would allow employees to
understand the extent of their privacy while in the workplace?
Add a reference or URL at the end of your initial post.

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