Part A: 

  • Step 1: Watch around 20 minutes of the Scared Straight episode (a community-based program for at-risk youth): 
  • Step 2: After watching the video, in your group blog provide:
  • Your analysis as to what theory best aligns with this program (go back to Week 3)
    • Your analysis as to if/how it aligns with:
      • (1) the risk principle – consider all the boys in that group. Do you think they are the same risk? 
      • (2) the needs principle – consider if the program is addressing those criminogenic need (i.e., are they addressing the root of the problem) 
      • (3) the responsivity principle – consider if the program is aligning with the general responsivity best practices and addressing those specific responsivity needs. 

Week 3 PowerPoint to reference for STEP 2:

Part B:  

  •  Step 1: After discussing this– submit your own report. In your report, include: 
  • (1) Based on your group’s discussion, summarize if you think ‘scared straight’ is an program that aligns with evidence-based correctional practices such as the RNR model? Why or why not? 
    • (2) Did you see any of the core correctional practices discussed this week (Week 7) demonstrated in the video? Please explain. 
    • (3) Reflection of what you took away from this assignment?

Week 7 PowerPoint to reference for STEP 1:

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