Retrieve the following full-text article from the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature or similar search database:

Vandewalle, J., Duprex, V., Beeckman, D., Van Hecke, A., & Verhaeghe, S. (2021). Contact between patients with suicidal ideation and nurses in mental health wards: Development and psychometric evaluation of a questionnaire. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing30, 219–234.

Review the article, focusing on the section that describes the testing of the instrument. Answer the following appraisal questions in your critical review of this research article:

  1. Why did these authors determine the instrument they were using was better than alternatives? 
  2. Which descriptive data were collected to test the instrument? How did the authors minimize error in this phase of data collection? 
  3. Which elements of reliability were tested? Were these the appropriate tests for the proposed use of this instrument? Why or why not? 

Only 1 reference which will be the article that is attached. There will also be a short lecture attached to use as well.

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