Compare Descartes’ substance dualism with Aristotle’s hylomorphism. Which do you think provides a more satisfying account of the relation between body and mind? Be sure to provide reasons in support of your judgment.
Please use the sources I will list and attached. If you will use any informations outside of those sources please cite the other source.
-Aristotle- Physics II,3,7
-Aristotle- De Anima I.1
-Aristotle- De Anima II,1-3
-Descartes- Meditation VI (if you won’t be able to find this chapter online or in a book I can scan it for You)
-Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia- Correspondence with Descartes
– Ackrill- chap. 5

also I’ve attached chapter 5 of J.L. Ackrill’s book Aristotle the Philosopher. The chapter focuses on Aristotle’s philosophy of mind, with some really helpful interpretations into his hylomorphism. What’s particularly helpful is that Ackrill goes through relevant parts of Aristotle’s De Anima line by line and interprets what’s going on. You of course aren’t required to use this, but it is a helpful resource. Make sure to cite it properly if you do draw on it.

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