1. Each student clinician must select a Simucase client (Kyle, Dora, Bubby, Jack, Fiona, or Everett ) and identify one objective or treatment technique that merits further research.
  1. You must access the research literature to identify an article that relates to the selected objective or treatment technique. The article should be current (within the past five to 10 years), or, if the article is older and has theoretical significance, this should be explained. The article should be a primary source, which means that it contains original or novel data.  We will not accept secondary sources of information for this paper, such as reviews of research findings by another author, book chapters, discussions, comparisons of various treatment techniques or other authors’ work.
  1. The student clinician should forward the selected article with the name of the client/case selected to the course instructor for approval (24 hours prior to Live Class Session 7) prior to beginning writing the EBP paper.
  1. The written paper (due 24 hours prior to Live Class Session 10) should briefly summarize the approved article with the focus on what was learned in the article that supports or questions the treatment objective or strategy, and, importantly, the implications for adopting this newly learned information to the ongoing treatment program of the specific Simucase client selected.
  1. The final paper will be graded by the course instructor and will also be included in the student clinician’s advising portfolio, along with the article chosen.
  1. Please submit the paper, single spaced, with a cover sheet and a citation page. The citation(s) listed should be in APA citation format. The paper should be no more than two pages in length.
  1. Grading will be based upon the timely submission of the article, relevance of the article chosen, the clarity of the summary of the article and its relevance to the chosen objective/technique, how the research influenced the clinician’s thinking about the objective/technique and implications for treatment, organization and writing style. See grading rubric for specific point allocation.

Evidence-Based Practice Assignment

Grading Criteria

EBP assignment =20 points total

-Points for submitting the article on time for approval and relevance of selection are credited in the grade book after initial submission

-Paper is worth 14 points

Timely submission of article2 
Relevance of the article selected       4 
Organization, including clear introductory and conclusory paragraphs, logical presentation of information within paragraphs, and transitions between ideas        1 
Clear, complete and concise summary of the research article with appropriate/balanced use of detail/examples to support main ideas      Clear discussion of the specific objective / treatment technique you have identified and how the article influenced your thinking and understanding of this clinical problem.   Identified implications for next steps with the identified client adopting this newly learned information specifically to the client you selected. (Consider how your client may be similar to the client(s) in study and/or different. How might this have an impact?)3     4         4 
Writing style, including use of APA format, cover page, citations, reference page, professional tone & no grammar/spelling errors         2 

Resource for APA Style:


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