Case Study: Body Composition Assessment Methods Assignment Instructions


There are a myriad of methods to assessing body composition and each has their strengths and weaknesses (sources of error or allowed variance). Being able to determine the appropriate method to assess body composition of your clients is an essential skill within the field. While some may be more accurate or a gold standard, they may be additional considerations including the cost, time, location, or volume of testing prohibited. Having an understanding of this will better assist you in helping your clients understand their body composition results and if changes have truly occurred over time with lifestyle modificaitons. Finally, the instructions that need to be expressed to clients before testing to ensure accuracy of the results can be a critical conversation prior to testing.


Read the case study below and answer the question thoroughly in paragraph form. Be specific in your answer. You may utilize the course presentations, lectures, and the textbook as resources. Your response must be in current APA format. Include your name and student ID number at the bottom of the last page.

You are the assistant director of a fitness center (e.g. university, corporate, hospital, etc.) and your director, approaches you and asks for a detailed report regarding the five best methods to be utilized in your facility for assessing body fat percentage and body composition. You must explain to your director what methods might be the best for your specific facility. Be thorough in your response, yet keep potential financial constraints in mind. Also, provide details on the pros and cons of each choice that you consider.


Gibson A. & Heyward V. (2019). Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription with online video (8th ed.). Human Kinetics.

ISBN: 9781492561347.

Case Study Grading Rubric
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuality of Information and Content70 to >63.0 pts Advanced All key components of the Case Study prompt are answered. The thread has a clear, logical flow. Major points are stated clearly. Major points are supported by good examples or thoughtful analysis. 63 to >58.0 pts Proficient Most of the components of the Case Study prompt are answered in the thread. The paper has a logical flow. Major points are stated reasonably well. Major points are supported by good examples or thoughtful analysis. 58 to >0.0 pts Developing The Case Study prompts are addressed minimally. The paper lacks flow or content. Major points are unclear or confusing. Major points are not supported by examples or thoughtful analysis. 0 pts Not Present70 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSpelling, Grammar, and Current APA Format30 to >27.0 pts Advanced Spelling and grammar are correct. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Paragraphs contain appropriately varied sentence structures. References are cited in current APA format. Page requirement is met. 27 to >24.0 pts Proficient Spelling and grammar has some errors. Sentences are presented as well. Paragraphs contain some varied sentence structures. References are cited with some APA formatting. 90-99% of page requirement is met. 24 to >0.0 pts Developing Spelling and grammar errors distract. Sentences are incomplete or unclear. Paragraphs are poorly formed. Where applicable, references are minimally or not cited in current APA format. 70-89% of page requirement is met. 0 pts Not Present30 pts
Total Points: 100

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