You will read and complete the second case study from our Business Analytics eText. Your case study will require you to demonstrate your understanding and application of business analytics concepts. You will be asked to complete Excel functions and tasks and answer questions from the text. Your case study will be found in Chapter 2, People’s Choice Bank.

Worth 50 points, your case study will explore concepts covered in Weeks 4, 5 and 6 and encourage critical analysis. Your case study will ask for opinions and recommendations. Your claims should be supported by evidence including references from the text, valid outside resources, or rational arguments. Your case study should exhibit strong structure and organization. A concise introduction with a clear preview, a well-written body using complete sentences, in-text citations when necessary and a clear summary in the conclusion are expected.

Excel functions you will use include PivotTables to provide a summary of the key information.

Aside from just describing the analysis, discuss your interpretation of the data. You may include images from your analysis in the report, but images should not constitute the majority of the report. If you use a table or image, you must spend some time discussing it within the body of the text. A good rule of thumb is at least a paragraph of text to describe each image.  

College-level writing is expected, points will be deducted for grammar and spelling errors. Include and upload your accompanying Excel file. Your Word file submission must be in APA format. Include a title page with your name, case study title, and date. Your report should be at least 2 full pages, 1-inch margins 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. References and citations when sources are used must be provided on a separate page. Your report should be submitted in Word (.docx) format. Information for downloading MS Office 2016 for free is provided in the “Start Here” module. Please refer to the Case Study Assignment tab in the Assignment Overview module for a copy of the rubric for evaluation of your Case Study. Your Excel file will be evaluated under the Content section of the rubric.

Make sure you complete each of the tasks listed in your eText for People’s Choice Bank.

Here are some details you need to complete the file.

  1. You will need to add a column and create a function that calculates Cash Flow based on criteria from Type. Create an IF statement that returns a negative cash flow (looks like ($500.00) for example) if the type was a Withdrawal. For all other types, the cash flow should be positive.
  2. In running your pivot tables, some suggestions are to look at things like branch, account type, customer, etc. These are suggestions only. You will probably run more than just those types. Remember to run more than just SUMs in your pivot tables. You can also run MIN, MAX, COUNT, PERCENT and more. Run at least different 3 pivot tables, saving each as a separate sheet with each tab descriptively labeled (For example: Pivot 1, Pivot 2, etc.). Include your pivot tables and generate charts from each pivot table; include your pivots and/or charts as images in your Word document report. (One final tip, don’t’ forget about time such as dates and days of the week and percentages in your analysis and data set.)
  • Include your observations, recommendations and analysis in your report.

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