Choose ONE of these case studies and apply the “Solving a Case Study” steps to come to your conclusion/recommended action. Remember, the PROCESS is as important as the recommendation because that’s where you will demonstrate you knowledge of the generations and how it applies to this situation.

Case Study:
Terry is 22 years old and an enthusiastic new starter at your organization. This is the career that he’s wanted since high school and, now that he’s got just completed his degree, he has been hired and joined your team. He’s really sharp, but he’s also impatient to impress his new colleagues with his ambition, creativity and skill.
Terry soon finds the going tough. Some of his fellow team members (Gen Xers) don’t seem to appreciate his eagerness, and they are wary of his ideas and suggestions because they do not take into account the nuances of the work environment and the “why” behind certain organizational processes. 
There are two Boomer senior managers that are extremely excited to have Terry on board and have been developing both a mentoring relationship and personal friendship with this Millennial, because they see him as the future of the company. 
While Terry’s enthusiasm and energy are an irritation to the Gen X team, they are a source of vision and hope for the Boomers. The managers want to develop recruiting programs around the new Millennial generation while the Gen X team is in complete disagreement stating that this kind of “showy talent” would undermine the entrepreneurial spirit of the existing workforce teams at the company.
The Traditionalist owner of the organization wants an update at next month’s meeting on the current morale and prospective recruitment/hiring practices within this fast-growing company.

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