MBK7005M Building and Leading High Performing Teams
Assessment is by one assignment, a critical essay of 6000 words (100%) which integrates
theory and practice. The assignment must include a clear structure with an abstract, a list of
references and, where appropriate, appendices and diagrams. You must make appropriate
use of journal articles and texts. References should follow the Harvard system – see the
guide at https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/library/referencing/guides/.
The assignment should contain:

  1. A critical review of theories of team working, particularly ideas about how teams in
    organisations can be effective in achieving results, including theories of team
  2. An analysis of a team of which you have personal experience, either as a member or
    a leader, in relation to relevant theories of team working.
  3. An assessment of your own abilities as a team leader or team member, using
    appropriate theories; identify areas of strength and areas where you might benefit
    from development
    To preserve confidentiality, please anonymise the organisation or organisations you discuss
    in the assignment, eg by calling them Company X, or Governmental Organisation Y, or
    International Organisation Z. Similarly, where you write about private individuals, call them
    manager A, or leader B.
    N.B. The word count will include quotations but exclude footnotes, list of references,
    appendices, tables and graphs. Appendices will not count against the word limit but should
    not contain large amounts of text. (It will be expected that they will normally contain
    diagrams or tables or visual images). Appendices should not contain material that is
    essential to meeting the assignment brief. If you exceed the wordcount by more than 10%,
    you will be penalised.
    See the final for assessment criteria.
    You are encouraged to proof read your work thoroughly before submission. You may ask
    others to proof read your work on your behalf for matters of punctuation, grammar and
    spelling, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they comment on the subject content of
    your work. While errors may be highlighted for your attention, edits and corrections must be
    your own. You are reminded that any work submitted should be yours and yours alone. If
    the paper has been proof read (especially it that involved correcting the English) this must be
    stated on the cover of the paper and a copy of the original, pre-correction, paper retained for
    possible review by the University. The regulations on Academic Misconduct (including
    cheating and plagiarism) can be viewed here: Academic Misconduct.
    See the following page for the criteria for assessing Master’s level assignments.
    Module: MBK7005M Building and leading high performing teams

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