Type of work: literature review chapter for phd thesis. Please make it very elaborated analysis.

References: please use all the pdfs provided

Background research: Future of Stewardship and the evolving roles of the Board of Directors.

How: – Demonstrate the key theories, arguments, and controversies in the topic. – The main topics of change from shareholder primacy/agency theory to stakeholderism. – Highlight the key aspects that impacts corporate governance.

Tone: pro a reform on the values and belief systems towards a more humanistic capitalism

Summary of topics:

  1. The purpose of corporations. For whom corporations are managed? Controversies on shareholder primacy (origins, why, how) vs. companies as social agents/stakeholders
  2. Make a matrix comparing believes and values in the shareholder primacy and stakeholderism
  3. The debate over stakeholderism: main ideas, controversies, advocacy
    1. Prof Nathan (re-theorizing the firm and social justice) – put focus on that
    1. Prof Leo Strine x Prof Rock
    1. Prof Colin Mayer x his critics
  4. Corporate purpose: the future of stewardship? Main ideas from the literature provided focusing on
    1. EESG (leo strine concept)
    1. social justice
    1. long-term value creation vs short-termism (financial performance)

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