Watch Presentation: The Constitution – Part 1 and Presentation: The Constitution – Part 2 found in the Reading & Study folder for Module 1: Week 1. These presentations were recorded live at convocation at Liberty University shortly before the election of 2008. Although David Barton refers to that election, the basic principles are valid at any time. 
Almost 10 years later, David Barton appeared with Governor Huckabee to discuss the moral failure in the United States for taking God out of the public square. This interview – the Constitutional Christian – is divided into four parts:
America: Our Roots
America and Divine Providence
Removing God from America
America: One Nation Under God

Using the information from the presentations, and current issues in America today, you will write a 3-page essay in current APA format. Your essay will have an introduction, conclusion, and level 1, 2, and 3 headings. You will include a title page, a reference page, one additional scholarly source not more than six months old, and at least three biblical references which include the scripture verse. Do not simply write parts of Barton’s presentation verbatim.
As a reminder, collaborating with other students on this assignment or borrowing answers from other students’ work is considered plagiarism and will be treated as such.
1. Explain the problems confronting the Constitutional convention in 1787, how they were addressed, and the role of God in the creation of the Constitution. 
2. Barton gives several examples of scriptural references in the Constitution. Name any two principles relating to governance, give the complete text of the applicable scripture, and explain how this constitutional principle does, or does not, work in practice today. Give specific examples.
3. Barton gives four examples of political issues, based on the Ten Commandments, which receive God’s highest priority. Select any one political issue and discuss how it is either in or out of compliance with God’s law. Give specific examples of the political issue and the commandment to which is relates.
4. According to Barton’s presentation, the government should not be involved in meeting the needs of the poor. Cite a verse in the Bible that instructs us how to help the poor. Give an example of how this works in your community. Compare the work of charities, the church, or your activities in your own community to a government service that serves the poor in your community. Who provides a better outcome to the recipient? Explain.

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