Directions for assignment: for each of your clients, find two resources in your community that this person or their family could use for support or referral (4 total resources). If you were directed to find a specific referral or resource for a client, be sure to do so. Describe the resources, link to them (if available), and discuss how they will help. 

Client 1: answer the following questions following the scenario:

Scenario: “My kids had. It’s been diagnosed in 4th grade with autism. I joined a Facebook group for Moms of Kids with autism, and we talk about all the signs and symptoms. And I’m seeing a lot of things that I was like back in school. I’m thinking maybe I had autism and never got diagnosed. I know girls still don’t get diagnosed with it as much as boys, and when I was a kid, they didn’t get nearly as much as now. Can I get diagnosed as an adult?”

1.What is an autism screening tool for adults? How is it scored?

2.What other diagnoses could the patient have that would look like autism and should be considered?

3.Where would you refer the patient in Florida for neuropsychological testing? Find at least 2 locations in your area.

Client 2: answer the following questions following the scenario:

Scenario: Orlando Ocasio (he, him, his) is a 9-year-old boy. His pediatrician referred him to you for help with dual diagnoses of ADHD and Autism. Orlando’s mom, Teresa Maria (she, her, hers) reports that he is having trouble concentrating in class and with his schoolwork. In addition, he is disruptive in class and violent with other classmates. Teresa Maria reports that he has hit her several times, breaks things, and is constantly getting mad about stuff. The pediatrician has tried Orlando on two different types of stimulants without success. In fact, Teresa Marie reports worsening of symptoms since starting the ADHD medication.

1.What medication would you recommend for Orlando? Explain your rational for starting it and include the following information:

  • Name of the medication
  • Starting dose for Orlando
  • Major side effects
  • Any blood work that is required (if applicable)
  • Patient education– write it as if you were talking to Teresa Maria and Orlando
  • Mechanism of action

Teresa Maria asks: How can we help change Orlando’s bad behavior? Sometimes, it’s tough to come after work?”

2.Describe one behavior modification strategy that Teresa Maria and her family could implement at home.

3. Orlando attends a private Catholic School. How do requirements for accommodations (IEP or section 504 plan) differ between private and public schools?

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