At any time in your career, have you observed a political situation that went against the organization’s ethical standards, creating a toxic environment?  A political culture could be nepotism, favoritism, backdoor hiring, political hacks, blackmail, race, gender, envy, and etcetera.  Political behavior does not change with the times, it is what it is.  It is like a revolving door or a carousel analogy as it is a never-ending journey of people constantly going through the doors or jumping on for the ride.

“A concept which is closely related to power and authority in organizational settings is politics or political behavior.  Politics are often viewed as synonymous with dirty tricks or back-stabbing and as something distasteful” (Pheng & May, 1997, p. 161).

Explain how you would survive in a toxic organizational environment in which the following issues are present within the organization.  More specifically, how would you survive with each of the five factors encountered:

  1. Major communication problems
  2. Inconsistency of individuals not following policies
  3. Narcissistic and toxic leaders
  4. Disgruntlement regarding the political culture mentioned above
  5. Physical and emotional health effects

This assignment will require a brief background introduction of a possible workplace without giving the actual name.  This will set the stage for the paper.  You will then need a short conclusion based on why you would stay or leave this organization.  

Minimum of 12 scholarly sources with limits regarding publication dates (2017 to Present)

A template will be issued and must be used to cover these listed topics.

All content must be in sentence and paragraph structure, which includes the required amount of pages and sources.  Please keep in mind that ALL paragraphs must have at least five in-depth academic level sentences.  All paragraphs must have two or more sources to synthesize and validate your content.  You can use all sources more than once throughout your paper.

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