Supplies: For this lab, you will need an incandescence and florescent light source, diffraction
grating, a cardboard roll, tape, scissors, and your smartphone. −3 2.9x 10 m⋅K λmax =
Measuring Wavelengths: T (K)
Equation 1: Wien’s law equation Follow the instructions from the instructional video:
NOTE: Take photos of each image of diffracted light from each light source.
Next, measure the wavelength of the brightest light from the diffraction grating of light from an incandescent and florescent light source. Record these measurements in table 1.
Table 1. Wavelength measurements
Light Source Wavelength (m)

Next, submit a photo of the diffracted light from the incandescent and florescent light source with this lab. Be sure to label each photo with the corresponding light source.
Then in table 2, record the temperature of the light source by using Wien’s Law.
Table 2. Light source temperatures
Light Source Temperature (K) Temperature (°F)

Finally take your temperature and calculate the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that you emit by modifying the Wien’s law equation, and record in table 3.
Table 3. Your Temperature
Temperature (K): Temperature (°C): Temperature (°F):
Questions: Answer concisely within 3 sentences

  1. Describe the energy/radiation being emitted among the heat sources.
  2. Which source of radiation emitted the shortest wavelength? Longest?
  3. Explain how we can use Wien’s law to describe and understand the physical characteristics of objects.

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