Format: Written Report


For this assignment you are taking on the role of a consultant who has been hired to conduct a health literacy review of a health-related setting community-based health organization.) The organization you will focus on is

Your focus is on evaluating their online presence and how well their website and digital materials support health literacy and access to care.

As part of your review you must develop an 6-8 page report that provides the organization’s leadership team with your key findings (cover and References page not included in this page count). The headings, order, and design layout by which you present your information is up to you, however, you must cover the following:

  • 1) Summary of the organization’s work and overview of health services offered (this should be approximately (this should be approximately 2 pages). Please reference the organizations website and social media platforms.
  • 2) Overview of what health literacy is and the key health literacy and systems navigation challenges faced by the people/populations served by this organization (this should be approximately 2-3 pages). Please reference the sources below for this. This section is very important.
  • 3) An Assessment of the organization’s website and digital materials identifying areas that work well and what could be improved. Then identify 3 specific recommendations for improving these critiques and their online presence to support health literacy (this should be approximately 2-3 pages). Please uses the sources below to explain and rationalize why these recommendations would help support health literacy.

The report must incorporate the 5 references below. You are welcome to also cite external peer reviewed resources as well, however, they must be from Canada or USA.

Please make sure APA formatting is followed, including 12 pt times new Roman font and double spaced with headings etc. Please note proper grammar, sentence structure is important. Do not use ChatGPT or any AI models. Plagiarism won’t be tolerated.

5 Sources to be included (please cite properly! Please read the articles so they are not interpreted incorrectly) :

R.W. Batterham, M. Hawkins, P.A. Collins, R. Buchbinder, R.H. Osborne,

Health literacy: applying current concepts to improve health services and reduce health inequalities,

Public Health, Volume 132,


Pages 3-12,

ISSN 0033-3506,

van Kessel R, Wong BLH, Clemens T, Brand H. Digital health literacy as a super determinant of health: More than simply the sum of its parts. Internet Interv. 2022 Feb 7;27:100500. doi: 10.1016/j.invent.2022.100500. PMID: 35242586; PMCID: PMC8861384.

Health literacy as a public health goal: a challenge for contemporary health education and communication strategies into the 21st century. Don Nutbeam. Health Promotion International, Volume 15, Issue 3, September 2000, Pages 259–267,

Public Health Speaks: Intersectionality and health equity

Author: National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health and National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy

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