Advice for completing this assignment:

Explain does not mean ‘list’. As in your writing, one clearly explained point is better than ten that are not explained. Aim for quality over quantity.

More words do not mean a higher score – the ideal number of words depends on what you need to explain. Make sure you select the most important points and explain them fully, rather than mentioning every point you can think of.

You need to describe what is relevant and effective about your chosen source, but you also need to think about why the source / your writing have these qualities, how you can show that clearly, and what the effect has been on your own writing.

What you discuss must be related to your purpose for using the source, i.e. the context of your writing – sentence, paragraph and/or essay.

You will be marked according to the Reading Task Criteria (available on Blackboard in the Assessments area). Guidance from this document is below.


This task assesses your ability to explain how and why you used sources in your writing. Important terms are defined below:

Relevance: The content of the source is well-suited and well-chosen for its purpose in your writing.

Effectively: The source is used to perform a useful function within the paragraph and essay (e.g. to present alongside other sources and your own voice, to support an idea, or to define a key term before you discuss it). Therefore, being clear as to how you will be using the source is key.

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