Assignment 2

Prepared by Aramide Kazeem, Ph.D.

Instruction: To answer the question, please type out your answers in a Word file in 12 fonts, Times New Roman, and double space.

Each submitted work must be a total of three written pages (no less and no more). There should be a fourth page that is the first page of the document that list your name, the assignment number, the course name, and my name as well. You must submit your work by the due date. You have only one late pass for the entire semester.

Instructions and Questions

You must answer all of the questions below individually.

Using the same scientific journal article that you used in assignment 1 and one additional scientific journal article obtained using this given keyword “COVID 19 infection and measurement”, explain and state how the author(s) of your selected article(s) measured (also called operationalized) the concept COVID-19 infection. Is the concept COVID-19 infection measured through whether a person was medically tested for having the infection or not? Is the concept measured through a person possessing other symptoms, such as fever or cough? Or, is the concept COVID-19 infection measured through physically observing whether a person is ill or not? Please explain how the abstract concept COVID-19 infection was measured in the two scientific journal articles that you read. You will be using two scientific journal articles. The one that you used in assignment 1 and a newly selected one using this keyword search COVID 19 infection and measurement in the library.

If the scientific journal article(s) that you selected did not explicitly state how the concept COVID-19 infection was measured (also called operationalized), then go to the UWG library or the university’s online library database to perform research on the keyword COVID-19 infection and measurement. These scientific journal articles should show you how it is measured ((also called operationalized). The most important way to find out about how any concept is measured or operationalized is through reviewing the scientific journal articles on the topic of interest.

Please provide answers to these questions:

  1. What is measurement (also known as operationalization or how a concept is measured) as explained in research methodology in general? Or how is any abstract concept measured or operationalized in a concrete scientific way? See chapter 5’s power point recordings for guidance.
  2. Does measurement follow the deductive or inductive model of inquiry? Please state. See chapter 2 on guidance on the deductive or inductive model of inquiries.
  3. At what stage in the measurement process is the meaning of a concept(s) defined and/or refined? See chapter 5’s power point recordings for guidance.
  4. What is meant scientifically by the word or concept COVID-19 infection? Basically, what is COVID-19 infection according to your review of the scientific journal articles`? I do not want your personal opinion here. I want to know what the scientific journal article states that COVID-19 infection is.
  5. How do scientists or researchers move from the abstract concept of COVID-19 infection and measured it in a way it is understandable by learners and the general population? To help you with this question, what are the questions that scientists and researchers ask interviewees or patients to determine whether they have COVID-19 infection? Review the scientific journal articles that you selected, and present the questions or measures used to capture the concept COVID-19 infection.
  6. Do you agree personally on how the scientific journal articles measured COVID-19 infection? Why and why not? I want your opinion.
  7. How would you have measured or operationalized COVID-19 infection? You must write two questions or measures that capture how you would have measured it. Your refined measured should be guided by the two articles that you have read and your own personal experience with COVID-19 infection in the global world. (Hint: your measurement of the concept COVID-19 infection must be within the deductive logic inquiry and your two questions must be close ended).
  8. Finally, what are reliability and validity in the measurement or operational definition of a concept? See chapter 5’s power point recordings.

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