The mini project is designed to test how well students can apply their knowledge acquired in the module to a thorough research context. Another vital aim is, the project would equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to cope with the final project they would undertake in their 8th Semester. Students are free to focus on any specialization: HR, Marketing, Logistics, or AF. They must, however, select a suitable topic within their chosen area by week 2 or 3 in consultation with the professor. The project must be mostly quantitative and the students would be expected to conduct a variety of statistical analyses of data they would gather from different business sectors in Oman. Originality of the research project and its practical value would be key.

This assessment should make reference to the first assessment where the student clearly presented  the topic, background of the study, problem statement, aim and objectives, research questions and the relevant literature of the study with brief discussion of the research  design.

 Deliverables and corresponding marks:

  1. Clarity, Style and Grammar                                                             Total 5 marks

An internationally acceptable presentation style must be adhered to with appropriate Grammar. Must avoid truncations and unnecessary spacing. The report must be consistent with regards to the font style and size for both headings and the text; and proper punctuations must be used throughout.   

Use of Pronouns: Incorrect use of the ‘Pronouns’ in a report would be costly. Avoid using ‘I’ (First Person Subject Pronoun/Singular), ‘Me'(First Person Object Pronoun), ‘My’ (First Person Possessive Adjective), ‘Mine’ (First Person Possessive Pronoun), ‘We’ (First Person Subject Pronoun/Plural), ‘You’ (2nd Person Subject/Object Pronoun). Instead, you must consider the use of the 3rd Person Subject/Object/Possessive/Reflexive-Intensive Pronouns/Possessive Adjective).   

  • Abstract of the Study – The abstract should specify the following:  
  • What the study is about and its rationale ▪ The methodological aspects used ▪ The main findings generated.
    • There must be at least 4 keywords / at most 7.

                                                                                                                                   Total 5 marks

3. Background of the Study, Research Problem,  Aim,  Research Objectives and Research questions. 

Note:  The student should write the revised research objectives and research questions as per             feedback provided in CW1.

 The background of the study, statement of the problem, aim and specific objectives of study  and research questions must be presented.

                                                                                                                         Total 10 marks

4.          Literature Review

The student should write the literature review according to outline presented in CW1. 

The  brief review written in the proposal can be included here with appropriate citations.

There must be brief introduction, a theoretical framework with brief discussion and conclusion.

                                                                                                                           Total 15 marks

5.       Research Methodology. 

     The  student should discuss the following:

  1. Research Design / Research Methods
  2. Research Instruments
  3. Population, Sampling Size, Sampling Technique
  4. Description of Pilot Test
  5. Description of questionnaire design
  6. Data Collection Techniques
  7. Data Analysis Techniques

                                                                                                                           Total 20 marks

6.         Data Analysis

                Results with  analysis must be presented using the following:

Descriptive statistics, Frequency distribution, Correlations, Regression analyses

Results should be presented in tabular form with discussions.

Results must be furnished systematically and interpreted adequately.

                                                                                                                              Total 25 marks

7.        Conclusions and recommendations                                                                Total 10 marks  Student must offer a summary of the project results followed by recommendations drawn on the implications of the aforementioned results. He/she should briefly discuss the limitations of the study and recommend areas of further research.  

8.         Bibliography                                                                                                                                                     Total 5 marks

                 All theories/concepts must be referenced using the APA referencing style.

Minimum of ten references from the last five years publication.

List the sources including the articles and books that have been used in the project.

Assignment Structure:

The report should ideally have the following contents:

  • Cover page, which indicates title, names of students, name of the professor and date of submission;
  • Table of contents;
  • Discussion, description of main points with proper in-text references;
  • List of references (using APA style of referencing), minimum of ten, mix of journals / books / related websites; from last five years;
  • The report should be done in Word, font size 12, font style Times New Roman, text color black, colors can be used ONLY in appendices; main body of the report should be black and white.
  • Explain with suitable diagrams wherever required. Diagrams must be drawn using suitable software or by pencil.

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