Section I- Finding an Article
1. Go to or another search engine listed in your supplemental readings (See “How to Find Appropriate Research Articles”) ie. MEDLINE/PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct.

For Google complete the following:
2. Type in scholar. (This will take you to “google scholar” page).
3. In the search box type in “nutrition for __________” (in the blank list the sport or activity you choose to study for your final project, ie. Golf, football lineman, cheerleading, fitness, etc.)
4. A list of articles will come up.  Sort the articles by the date (use the tab on the left side of the page, “Since 2012”). 
5. Read the title of the articles and select one that focuses directly on your topic.
6. Print the article.

Section II- Article Review Students will select one peer-reviewed articles on a topic that interests you. Consider using this topic as you develop your final research study outline (See Canvas for Final Research Study Guidelines).

The table below can help you to identify a topic. [See table 14.2 as an example on how to complete this table (Identify a Topic and Research Question/Objective” Reading]- This table does not have to be turned in with final review.

Broad TopicNarrow TopicFocused TopicResearch Question

Each review must include the following:
a. Title, source, publication date, and page numbers of the article. This must be cited in APA format at the TOP of the paper.
b. List the problem statement, the objective of the study and the research hypothesis. Also, provide a summary of the key points made in the article (3 to 5 sentences per paragraph).
c. A summary of thoughts, ideas, and interpretations of the article. This section will include what the student liked and/or disliked about the content of the article and explain their rationale. This section must be detailed and thorough.

This should be a minimum of 600 words, double spaced, in 12-point font, and the text should start at the top of the page. No cover page is needed. List your name, and date in the top left-hand corner. Due dates for article reviews (2 total for the semester) will be posted in Canvas and will be at different points in the semester.

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