Thesis Development Worksheet




Write your working thesis here:

Then, send this form to your reviewer (partner).


Do you think this argument can be adequately supported in a 2- or 3-page paper? Why or why not?

What suggestions do you have for how the writer could make the thesis more specific/focused?

Are there parts of the thesis that are confusing? Explain why. For instance, are there words that are vague (“people,” “materials,” “things”) or ideas that aren’t explained?

Look for ways that the thesis could be more concise. Identify extra/unnecessary words that could be removed. Make suggestions for where/how the writer could change phrases, words, or sentences.

Thank you for your feedback! Now, return this to your partner (the writer).


What formal components from the list in the assignment (aka evidence) will you examine to support your thesis?

In what order will you present the evidence?

Draft a topic sentence for each paragraph that introduces the evidence (the formal component) to be addressed in that paragraph and connects to the thesis.

Now, return this form to your reviewer.


Does the writer have sufficient evidence to support the thesis? What additional evidence might the writer consider?

Is there too much evidence for the paper length? What could be left out?

Do you think the writer is focusing on the wrong evidence? If so, what evidence might better support the thesis? Alternatively, how might the thesis change to better reflect the evidence?

Consider the proposed topic sentences. Are they specific? Do they connect to the thesis? How could they be made more specific/focused? Address any vague words and, if appropriate, suggest how the sentences could be made more concise. Point out any errors in grammar or spelling.

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