In a 2-page minimum paper using APA format, answer one the following questions:

· You have been asked to assess the interface for company XYZ’s online job bank and resume submission function. You have limited information; however, you do know that:
o HR is overwhelmed with the number of resume submissions.
o Internal users complain that their applications disappear into never-never land –and that they never hear back about whether they were considered for the position.
o A few external users call HR to ask how to send a resume directly since the online system will not accept their resume.
o The niece of the current Chief Executive Officer visited the site and complained about how frumpy and tired the site was and stated this was a real turn-off.

Understanding and measuring human capital in an organization is a critical component which requires an investment perspective of human resource management.

· You have assumed a new leadership role in Company XYZ. Your first assignment is to evaluate the current HR initiatives in your current role. Knowing that employees are both a significant resources and significant cost for an organization, this employee contributions to the bottom line must be measured. Provide a detailed approach you would take in your new role to accomplish this task.

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