Select any alternative or complementary medication (NOT A THERAPY and must be taken orally) and discuss key factors including but not limited to,
patient safety, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based practice.

Do not write on cupping, acupuncture, yoga, homeopathy, chiropractor, meditation, etc. The topic of your paper must be an oral medication.

1. Discuss the origins (historical uses, impact on culture, etc.), current uses, safety in at-risk populations (children, older
adults, genetic predisposition, immunocompromised individuals, etc.) and other pertinent information.

2. Provide pertinent patient safety information related to your selected topic. Remember to address drug-drug and drug-food
interactions as well as dosing considerations.

3. Discuss how caring for patients engaging in alternative or complementary therapy may or may not affect your nursing
practice which includes patient’s cultural preferences and beliefs. What educational information would you provide to
your patient?

4. A minimum of three (3) professional references are required. One of the three references must be your textbook (Burchum, J. R. & Rosenthal, L. D. (2016). Lehne’s pharmacology for nursing care (9thed.). Elsevier. ) and
one (1) peer-reviewed journal article (no older than five [5] years unless a classic source). The other reference can be a
peer-reviewed scholarly journal article or a credible website.

5. The paper should be a minimum of three (3) pages in length, not including the title or reference pages. APA Student
Paper format is mandatory, please refer to the APA Resource Module

6. Level 1 headings must be used to organize the flow of your paper and to ensure all the required material has been
included. Include an introductory paragraph below the title of the paper. DO NOT use a header titled Introduction; the
introduction in an academic paper is by virtue understood. The following Level 1 headings are required:

Title of Paper
Introductory paragraph to your paper
Origin and Current Use
At-Risk Populations
Patient Safety
Nursing Practice

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