Consider the presentation you are about to make, making notes of six Ws in the boxes below.

Who are you presenting to?     
What is the problem you are addressing?  What is the solution you are proposing?                
When should changes be implemented?     
Where and how did you research the problem? Where (or in what sources) did you locate the solution?   
Why is your proposal the best solution to the problem?   
How should messages be modified when using email and the app?               

In addition, consider the following:

Is your PowerPoint or presentation easy to see/read? Is there an appropriate amount of content on each slide? Is the font an appropriate size? Is the color contrast appropriate?   
Have you provided closed captions to ensure accessibility?    
Have you developed speaker notes or a transcript to help you cover the information you intend? Does your speaking plan correlate to the PowerPoint?   
Why are you presenting virtually instead of in-person?   
Why are you presenting asynchronously instead of synchronously?   
How should your message be modified to account for the virtual and asynchronous method of presenting?       

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