A venture capital company is considering investing in a bioprocess to produce a new _________________________________.  The company has hired you as a biotechnology consultant to produce a REPORT (Note: not an essay) on what needs to be considered by the company.   Your report will be sent to the company’s executive board for approval.

Using the expertise you have gained during this course, write a short report (max. 2,000 words).

You should include:

  • A brief introduction about the bioprocess you are proposing
  • How would you design the bioprocess (inoculum, medium, bioreactor model)
  • How would you design your quality systems? (monitoring, GMP)
  • Why is your proposed process better than the current ones?
  • Costings: Is your process cost-effective? How will it benefit the company economically?  
  • What will be the impact(s) of your bioprocess if the company implements it? (sustainability, ethical implications, EDI)
  • Do not forget the reference list & citations in the text!

You may use any standard citation style. (References do not count against your word limit.)

You are encouraged to use figures and tables to illustrate any key points. (Figure/table legends do not count against your word limit, but you must be as succinct as possible.)

Feedback will be given within two weeks after submission.

Report sectionsFail 0-49%Satisfactory/Pass 50-59%Very good 60-69%Excellent 70-100%
Introduction (10%) Clear topic? Good background information?    
Bioprocess design (20%) Are their inoculum, medium and bioreactor selections reasonable? Will they be effective? Can they justify their options?    
Quality systems (20%) Is their monitoring/GMP strategy reasonable? Will it be effective? Can they justify their options?    
Costings (20%) Have they chosen the most cost-efficient options? Are their calculations correct? Have they forgotten any expenses?    
Bioprocess impact (20%) Have they evaluated the impact of their new bioprocess on the market? Did they consider all possible challenges?    
References (10%) Source credibility? Referencing/citation style?    

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