Patel’s Theory of Coping Skills in Newly Release Inmates

Based on course readings, resources, and discussions, create your own theory based on your specific practice area. For example, Liken’s Theory of Nurse/Patient Connectedness for Individuals with a Diagnosis of Depression. 

Be sure to include definitions and descriptions of at least two key concepts that make up your theory. Describe the relationships between these concepts. For example, “connectedness” and “depression.” 

What role does research play in the development and use of your theory in practice? 

Give a case example of how your concepts and theories would be used in a specific client situation in practice.

What are the barriers to using your theory in practice? 

Assignment guidelines

No abstract or Running head is required for the paper. Do not exceed 10 pages. Title page and references do not count towards the page number.

When creating your own theory, it would be helpful to choose a topic that is of interest to you and a specific patient population. After choosing a topic, then identify your key concepts. 

Be sure to include definitions and descriptions of at least two key concepts that make up your theory. Describe the relationships between these concepts. For example, “connectedness” and “depression.” 

It may be helpful to think of a theoretical nursing process and a disease process. For example, a theoretical nursing process may be coping skills, caring skills, self-caring skills, comfort care, holistic care, meditation, normalization processes, social skills, pain management, symptom management, patient experience, experiencing transitions, relationships between nurse and patient, adaptation skills, etc. The list goes on and on. 

Then try to pick a patient population along with a disease process. Patient population- adults or pediatrics – or low-income persons/poverty, hospitalized patients, inmates – suffering from mental health illnesses, depression, anxiety, cancer related processes, chronic pain, end of life, HTN, diabetes, etc.

Another example can be Cavill’s Theory of Coping Skills in Newly Released Inmates.


  • Running heads are not to be included 
  • No Abstract for this paper 
  • No header should be provided for the introduction paragraph, they are to start their paper with text following the title at the top of the page
  • The literature review should be at the beginning of the paper. Approximately the first third section of the paper, not at the end, and not added free text. 
  • The literature review is most important and informs the reader about current trends and the state of the science. 
  • They should provide a summation of what they found and use nursing articles to support their paper. 
  • References should be within five years (2018-2023) and be relevant to nursing and be peer-reviewed and scholarly.
  • Anytime a student introduces a new idea, they need to cite a resource. 
  • When writing paper conclusion, it should contain future implications regarding Nursing Research, Education, and Practice. The conclusion should be a robust conclusion and not three or four sentences. 
  • No more than ten pages excluding the title and reference pages 

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