In chapter 14, we learned about psychosocial development. There are many research articles that contain activities to promote social and emotional skills in children. When early childhood professionals want to research some current articles in the field, we look for them on the National Association for the Education of Young Children website, which has articles from their peer-reviewed Young Children journal publication.

 Begin by going to the National Association for the Education of Young Children website.  Then click on RESOURCES on the blue band in the home page. Then click on TOPICS. Then scroll down to SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT and click. This area contains a list of articles.

Choose two articles, state the title, author(s), date of publication, and highlight the main points.

Then, from what you learned in the readings, describe 3 activities you could facilitate in your current or imagined early childhood classroom that promote social and/or emotional skills and learning. Describe each activity and why it supports social and emotional learning. Your activities should be age specific. Cite the textbook and readings when possible.

For grading criteria, please review the Written Assignment Rubric. 4-5 pages are expected.

General Instructions and Resources

Your written assignment is intended to test your understanding of important concepts and to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully describe, explain, and analyze the books and other sources. Be sure to cite any and all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question. Throughout this course, these resources will enable you to successfully complete written assignments:

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Please read the SUNY Empire State College statement on Academic Integrity before submitting any work for this course. Be sure to cite any and all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question.

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