Answer all assigned questions and problems, and show all work. 

  1. Balance the following redox equations by the ion-electron method.
    (25 points)
  1. H2O2  +  Fe+2  →  Fe+3  +  H2O (in acidic solution)
  • Cu  +  HNO3  → Cu+2  +  NO  +  H2O  (in acidic solution)
  • CN  +  MnO4  →  CNO  +  MnO2  (in basic solution)
  • Br2  →  BrO3  +  Br  (in basic solution)
  • S2O3–2  +  I2  →  I  +  S4O62–  (in acidic solution)
  • Calculate the standard emf of a cell that uses the Mg/Mg+2 and Cu/Cu+2 half-cell reactions at 25ºC. Write the equation for the cell reaction that occurs under standard-state conditions. (10 points)
  • Predict whether Fe+3 can oxidize I to I2 under standard-state conditions. (10 points)
  • Consider the following half-reactions:

    MnO4(aq)  +  8H+(aq)  +  5e  →  Mn+2(aq)  +  4H2O(l)
    NO3(aq)  +  4H+(aq)  +  3e  →  NO(g)  +  2H2O(l)

    Predict whether NO3 ions will oxidize Mn+2 to MnO4 under standard state  conditions. (8 points)
  • Which species in each pair is a better oxidizing agent under standard-state conditions? (16 points)
  1. Br2 or Au3+
  2. H2 or Ag+
  3. Cd2+  or  Cr3+
  4. O2 in acidic media or O2 in basic media
  • Under standard-state conditions, what spontaneous reaction will occur in aqueous solution among the ions Ce4+, Ce3+, Fe3+, and Fe2+?  Calculate ∆Go and K for this reaction. (8 points)
  • What is the potential of a cell made up of Zn/Zn2+ and Cu/Cu2+ half-cells at 25ºC if [Zn2+] = 0.25 M and [Cu2+] = 0.15 M? (8 points)
  • Consider the electrolysis of molten barium chloride, BaCl2. (a) Write the half-reactions. (b) How many grams of barium metal can be produced by supplying 0.50 A for 30 minutes? (10 points)
  • In a certain electrolysis experiment involving Al3+ ions, 60.2 g of Al is recovered when a current of 0.352 A is used. How many minutes did the electrolysis last? (5 points)

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