“A successful physical therapist knows how to accentuate the positive and redirect negative thoughts”

You have been elected to serve on the board of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT). In your first meeting, it was suggested that WCPT restructure its website and change the use of words and phrases that may be negative in nature (e.g. disability, handicap, etc.) to more positive and encouraging phrases.

An action item was taken that you review the following page and submit a report to include your recommendations of changes in this page to encourage positive thinking. Please support your suggested changes by evidence.

http://www.wcpt.org/node/27545 (Links to an external site.)

Please feel free to suggest any changes in the page, including the outlay, structure, topic, etc..

There is no page limit for this assignment, however, your report should:

-be at least 3 pages,
-one spaced,
-use 12 size font.

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