Assignment Content

Read “Ethical Issues in Marketing: An Application for Understanding Ethical Decision Making” from the University Library.

Write an (600-700 word doc) analysis and evaluation of a company’s effectiveness in the following areas (you chose the company such as Nike, Starbucks, Ford Motor, Target, Amazon, etc.)

1.Distinguish between social responsibility, ethical, and legal issues of the company and their effect on marketing.
2.Relate the triple bottom line to an organization’s sustainability.
3.Analyze consumer influence on ethical behavior in marketing.
4.Assess the value of communicating ethical behavior to the public.
5.Conclude how ethical issues influence legal issues in marketing.

Be sure to respond based on the course reading highlighted above.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Points are deducted if not.


Use UoP Resources to ensure your grammar is correct. Points are deducted if errors identified.


Apply at least 2 course reading references.
Use UoP Resources to ensure all references are properly stated. Points are deducted if errors identified.
Please, do not use references from Wikipedia, Investopedia, etc. Refer to the course readings and other graduate level resources available in the University Library.

Submit your assignment.


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