Part ONE of TWO: (length 2-3 pages)

RESEARCH QUESTION: What are the most significant negative impacts that terrorism has had on the current American society.

Conduct Preliminary Research on the research question above.

Your paper should include a paragraph or two to provide some background about the topic and explain how your research would fit into existing literature on the topic. Also, explain your search method (other university or scholarly databases, academic journals, or Google Scholar) to access the most relevant information about your topic.

If you are wondering what a search method is, it is a process or technique. It is “how” you go about researching a topic. Typically, you will have criteria (a way of measuring what you find to determine if it is relevant) and you will have search terms (which are specific references to dates, places, events, people, concepts, or authors, that can be used in a search engine). A search method might include examining a wide variety of databases; it might include using the references in books and articles to find more sources. It might include restricting yourself to peer reviewed journal articles and government publications. No matter what paper or what topic, you will always be using some method for searching for the information you need.

Conduct a search for articles in peer-reviewed, academic journals or books about the topic. Navigate the online databases and conduct a search based on keywords relating to your topic.

PART TWO of Two: (Length is 2-3 pages)

Choose a scholarly article pertinent to your research topic question (see below) and write a review of it. You will “de-construct” the article for the reader, analyzing the claims that the author is making and how well he/she supports those claims. You will also explain how this article fits into your research strategy to answer your research question. Does it provide some insights but still leave you wondering?


  • Use scholarly or other relevant sources.
  • Do not use Wikipedia or encyclopedic type sources. It is highly advised to utilize: books, peer reviewed journals, articles, archived documents, etc.
  • Your responses are to be in your own words with minimal quotes. 

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