Use this file to type your responses.  Submit this file in the Week Six Quiz Drop Box no later than Saturday midnight.

A study was done to investigate the relationship between ADHD and body image disorder in 120 adolescent girls. Both variables were measured using interview inventories that have been validated as summative scales. The study resulted in r = –.26   p= .019

1.  What can you infer about the relationship between these variables?  (direction AND strength).

2.  Is the correlation statistically significant?  Why or why not?

3.  Look at the scatterplot below that displays the number of visits to health care providers and

     health care funding in 50 US cities. 

4.  Take a guess at what you think Pearson’s r would be.  Why?


On a sample of 82 patients, we measured the following variables during a fixed ambulation exercise: O2 consumption (O2), heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP), hip flexion strength (HIPFLEX), and knee extensor strength (KNEEXT).   See the table below: 

5.  How is oxygen consumption related to hip flexion strength?

6.  Which variable doesn’t seem too important? (is not significantly related to others).

7.  Educators were interested in testing the hypothesis that there will be a relationship between

     hours of studying and GPA in college seniors at three universities in a metropolitan area.

     What are some other variables that might interfere with this relationship?

(8-10)  Pick ONE of the following dependent variables (outcomes):

              a.  Chronic back pain

            b.  Range of motion following knee replacement

            c.  Birth weight of newborns

            d.  Patient satisfaction

            e.  Hypertension

            f.  Confidence in career choice

8.  What instrument would you use to measure your chosen dependent variable?

9.  Specify THREE independent variables you might use to predict your chosen outcome. 

10.  Once you run your study, what R2 value might result?  Why?

Muddiest point:  For me, the most difficult or confusing part of this week’s lesson was:

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