Your assignment this week is to complete a 1 page reaction paper to the following statement:
Compare at least two different approaches to the Civil Rights Movement. Which was more effective and why?
About Reaction Papers
A reaction paper is a persuasive essay in which you articulate a clear thesis or point of view and defend your argument with evidence from history. It is also important that your points and arguments are logically consistent.
In this paper you are expected to use the prompt as a statement that will generate a personal response. It need not be a direct refutation or acceptance of the statement, but rather it can be a reaction to one or more parts of the prompt statement. The purpose of the prompt is to direct some focus in your reaction paper but not to strictly limit your analysis of the general subject matter of this week.
A reaction paper can but does not have to use sources. In the event you use research to craft your reaction, please keep in mind that sources must be listed and cited as needed using the MLA method.
As a formal paper, the reaction paper should be around one page double-spaced and use a standard 12 point font. Your paper should have 1 inch margins. You should avoid contractions but may use first person.

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