Week 7

Discuss the following:

  1. Pursuant to the chapter reading this week – define and explain what personal jurisdiction means, subject matter jurisdiction and what is meant by the “long-arm statute?”  Provide an example of each.   
  2. The decisions by the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court of the United States can affect business and doing business today.  Research one United States Supreme Court case, decided in the past 10 years that relates to and effects the ability to do business in the United States.  Provide the facts of the case, the law, the outcome, and your thoughts on whether you agreed or disagreed with the Court’s opinion. 

Week 8

Discuss the following: 

1. In today’s economy, there are powerful companies who in all appearances control massive segments of different markets.  Using the NEXIS-Uni Legal Database or the FTC website below, research and provide one company and case in the last five years that has (or might have) have engaged in anti-competitive behavior.  Explain why the activity is anti-competitive OR, if the case was litigated and the court found otherwise, why not? (Do not write on Amazon, Google, Facebook, Qualcomm, Samsung or Apple – try to find a local company in your home state).  

Nexis-Uni link: https://libdatab.strayer.edu/login?url=https://www.nexisuni.com

Federal Trade CommissionCases and Proceedings: Advanced Search | Federal Trade Commission (ftc.gov)

2. Identify and explain what Horizontal restraint of trade is and Vertical restraint of trade from the chapter reading and provide what type of action your example above exhibits.  Substantiate your response. 

Week 9

Leo works for FLYME Airlines as an air traffic controller at a busy city airport.  For the last two years, his health has been deteriorating.  He sits all day, does not exercise, has gained 28 pounds and has slowly developed high blood pressure.  Leo recently had a heart attack and is worried the stress of his job will be too much for him.  He is nearing retirement but does not want to stop working. You are Leo’s boss and not happy with his job performance or his physical or mental state.  You are worried about his personal health and more so, his ability to do the job safely and the safety of others.  

Discuss the following: 

  1. Determine and identify the law in your home state as to Worker’s Compensation and who is entitled to it.  Then, provide what the company’s options are and whether Leo qualifies for workers’ compensation due to his health issues and high blood pressure.  Analyze the key legal and ethical issues faced by you, the employer and what some of the arguments would be on both sides if Leo applies for worker’s compensation. 
  2. Explain the Direct Threat defense pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act and whether the employer can fire Leo using the defense.
  3. Per the chapter reading this week, summarize your understanding of Unions and some of the key issues that are important to both employees and employers today.

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