This weekly assignment has three parts. Be sure to answer all parts in complete sentences in a Word Document format. This means you must create a word document and then load into onto Blackboard! It is due on Blackboard by Sunday 12/6 @ 11:59 pm.  Your answer to each part should be at a minimum one paragraph.

For each of these questions, you should rely on your reading in the textbook, Powerpoint lectures and the attached website.  You may also rely on independent research.  This assignment will help you to better understand the course outcome of “Typologies of Crime.”

Chapter 7 covers “Social Process Theory” and explains the view that people’s interactions with organizations and institutions impact criminality.  One area of social process theory is “Social Reaction Theory” or “Labeling Theory.”    After carefully reading your text, paying particular attention to the sections on labeling theory, please consider the following website:

Changed Choices is one of many charitable organizations that exists to counter the effects of labeling.  This organization uses Christian principles and education to rehabilitate women who have been convicted of crimes.  It also assists women in finding homes and employment.

1.  Please explain labeling theory.  Next, explore the website and explain how this organization might effectively counter some of the traditional labels its clients might encounter?

2.  What role does religion play in the social process theory?  What specific ways does this organization effectively use religion to benefit the women in the program?

3.  In Hirschi’s Social Control Theory social control is measured by a person’s attachment, commitment, involvement and belief.  How might organizations like this promote the positive aspects of social control?

Textbook is:  Criminology: The Core, 7th Edition

By: Larry J. Siegel

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