• Include the following headings to organize your paper: 
    • Introduction.
    • Critical Appraisal Tool.
    • Annotative Bibliography.
    • Proposed Intervention.
    • Conclusion.
    • References.
  • Create an introductory paragraph that includes a summary of the health care safety problem, your PICO(T) research question, and a thesis statement. 

. The following PICOT question was formulated:For Post-Surgical Arthroplasty patients (P), does the implementation of music therapy in addition to pain medication (I) compared with standard analgesic medication (C) affect pain and anxiety scores (O) in the first 48hours after surgery (T)

  • Revise a summary of the health care safety problem that you have created from one of your previous assignments. 
  • Improve it with details from the evidence and scholarly writing traits.
  • Revise your PICO(T) question based on what you have learned in your research. 

In surgical patients (P) does the implementation of music therapy (I) compared with standard of care (C ) affect pain scores ( 0) in the first 48 hours post-surgery?

  • Apply PICO(T) components within the question appropriately.
  • Refine PICO(T) components with detail and specificity
  • Compose a professional level PICO(T) question that the researcher might have used as a foundation for the study.
  • Write a strong thesis statement.
  • Explain in a paragraph the critical appraisal tool that you are using to evaluate your articles. 
    • Include a statement about why you selected this critical appraisal tool.
  • Explain why the article is relevant to the patient safety issue.
    • Provide context about how the study contributes to the body of literature.
  • Propose 1–3 interventions that may improve or solve the patient safety problem. 
    • Interventions selected must come from evidence-based literature analysis.
    • Interventions should also be crafted based on consideration of what is already recognized as best practice in your state or nationally, knowledge gained through experience and other experts, and local patient or organizational preferences.
  • Write a closing summary paragraph.
  • Submit a complete reference list of all sources used in the development of the protocol in APA format.

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