1. The carboxy group is _(blank)_ and forms hydrogen-bonded dimers.
  2. Dicarboxylic acids react with _(blank)_ to give imides.
  3. Chemical Abstracts and the IUPAC both retain the common names for the two simplest, _(blank)_ and  _(blank)_ acids. 
  4. _(blank)_ acid is employed in the tanning process in the manufacture of leather and in farming as a preservative for hay and animal feeds in silos, as well as to kill mites.
  5. _(blank)_ of primary alcohols and of aldehydes furnishes carboxylic acids.
  6. The hydroxy group in COOH can be replaced by _(blank)_ by using the same reagents used to convert alcohols into haloalkanes—SOCl2 and PBr3.
  7. The NMR signals for carboxylic acids reveal _(blank)_ deshielded acid protons and carbonyl carbons and moderately deshielded nuclei next to the functional group.
  8. A _(blank)_ is transformed into the carboxylic acid containing one additional carbon atom either by conversion into an organometallic reagent and carbonation or by displacement of halide by cyanide followed by nitrile hydrolysis.
  9. As we have learned from our study of aldehydes and ketones, carbonyl carbons are _(blank)_ and can be attacked by nucleophiles. 
  10. Acyl halides are formed by using _(blank)_ derivatives of carboxylic acids.

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