You can complete this assignment in the worksheet or written as a paper.

Read from the Harvard Business Review course pack:

1.     How I Learned to Let My Workers Lead by Ralph Stayer

2.     How to Work for a Boss Who Lacks Self-Awareness by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic PhD

3.     Leadership That Gets Results by Daniel Goleman


Somewhere in your responses, be sure to reference at least 2 articles we have read so far in the course, one of which can be the case study itself. Use APA source citation formatting for in-text citations and in your reference list. If you are unsure of how to format in APA, you can work with GGU’s online writing lab tutors. The resource I use for APA formatting is: Purdue University Online Writing Lab which is a reference guide.


1.     In at least 100 words, share your thoughts regarding Stayer’s (1990) statement: “Helping human beings fulfill their potential is of course a moral responsibility, but it is also good business. Life is aspiration. Learning, striving people are happy people and good workers” p. 8. Include an example from the article or your own experience to support your thoughts.

2.     In at least 100 words, describe a time in your life when you either helped a boss develop self-awareness; that you had a subordinate help you develop self-awareness; or as a boss you developed your own self-awareness. Identify if one of Stayer’s methods were used. (If you have not had this situation in your life, share a story from a film or book that addresses this question. Be sure to identify the film or book.) 

·      For example, Stayer realized “I needed to start thinking before I acted, and the thought I needed to think was, Will this action help us achieve our new point B” (1990, p. 5)? This reminds me (Amy) of when I had a boss who would constantly take our work in a new direction when a new idea attracted her attention. Our boss was easily distracted by “shiny new objects”. I respectfully reminded the boss that we were on a particular strategic path based on the plan we had developed as a team.

3.     Reference List in APA format

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