To Prepare:

  • Review the Week 4 Descriptive Statistics SPSS Output provided in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Review the Learning Resources on how to interpret descriptive statistics, including how to interpret research outcomes.
  • Consider the results presented in the SPSS output and reflect on how you might interpret the frequency distributions and the descriptive statistics presented.

The Assignment: (2 pages)

  • Summarize your interpretation of the frequency data provided in the output for respondent’s age, highest school grade completed, and family income from prior month.  
  • Note: A frequency analysis is way of summarizing data by depicting the number of times a data value occurs in the data table or output. It is used to analyze the data set including where the data are concentrated or clustered, the range of values, observation of extreme values, and to determine intervals for analysis that could make sense in categorizing your variable values.
  • Summarize your interpretation of the descriptive statistics provided in the output for respondent’s age, highest school grade completed, race and ethnicity, currently employed, and family income from prior month.
  • Note: The descriptive analysis includes N (size of your sample), the mean, the median, the standard deviation, the size and spread of your data to determine the variability/variance in your data. 

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