This exercise is designed to help you with integrating sources into your own writing. This will help you as you prepare to write your four-source, six-source and multiple-source essays. 

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Review the following short paragraph on a hypothetical paper about cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. Note that the writer has made some errors in his integration of Shindell as a source. 
  • Identify at least two errors, and describe what the errors are in one or two sentences. (Note: You don’t have to re-write the paragraph. Just describe what the errors are—e.g., “One error can be found in the first sentence, where the writer includes the title of the article instead of the author’s name…”)

One potential method of hacking into a hospital’s records is through a wearable device. Often, wearable devices are used by health care institutions to monitor blood pressure or other health conditions. However, such devices expose vulnerabilities in the system. (Shindell, 2018) argues that hackers increasingly integrate malware to infect such devices and then use them as foundations upon which to attack the health care institution’s IT systems. Specifically, Shindell, 2018, maintains that ransomware is especially pernicious. “During an attack, victims will typically encounter a screen giving them directions for paying a ransom to retrieve their data…”  “More than half of hospitals surveyed were hit with ransomware in the previous 12 months.”

Week 3, Discussion 2 — Examining a Sample Student Four-Source Essay

For this discussion, you’ll evaluate a student sample Four Source Essay paper. This will help you as you work on our own upcoming essay.

Here’s what to do:

  • Read the sample paper for Writing Assignment #2 (the Four-Source Essay). The paper is about the effect of the evolution of Language It’s called WA#2-Language Four Source Essay
  • Answer the following questions, and post your response to the discussion board.

Note that this isn’t a perfect paper. However, as you can see from the annotated bibliography, the student has narrowed the topic..

1. In the paper, notice how the writer integrates the first three sources into the second paragraph. How do these sources relate to each other? How could the student have made the relationship clearer? (Answer in ~3-4 sentences.) For example, you might consider if the sources are similar or different, if they support each other or contradict each other, or some other observation. 

2. The writer cited Dunbar (2017) in various parts of the paper. What did this author add to the literature on the evolution of language, according to this paper? You might focus on paragraphs 3 and 4 (answer in ~3-4 sentences). For example, you might begin, “The research by Dunbar (2017) focused specifically on…”

3. Post a comment on one or two of your classmates’ threads, reflecting on his or her response to the prompts. 

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