Chapter 5. Karen Horney: Neurotic Needs and Trends

Karen Horney Review

Each of your responses is at least minimum of 100 words (Excluding Sources and Citations) words.

  1. Describe your personality in terms of Horney’s major adjustment techniques. (You can even describe a fictional or anonymous person rather than yourself). Do you move toward, against, or away from people with about equal frequency? If not, which of the three do you emphasize?  {See the section on the 3 basic neurotic trends to understand these three “movements”.}
  2. Using Horney’s theory, attempt to explain why you use the major adjustment techniques the way you do. Try to consider how childhood experience might have influenced you. Horney’s childhood experiences heavily influenced her theory on personality development, so your own should be considered as you analyze your “style”.
  3. Respond to Freud’s contention that “anatomy is destiny” from Horney’s viewpoint and from your own. Does your viewpoint differ from either Freud or Horney?


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