Review the assigned case study.

  1. Application of Course Knowledge
    1. Select one drug to treat the diagnosis(es) or symptoms.
    1. List medication class and mechanism of action for the chosen medication.
    1. Write the prescription in prescription format.
    1. Provide an evidence-based rationale for the selected medication using at least one scholarly reference. Textbooks may be used for additional references but are not the primary reference. 
    1. List any side effects or adverse effects associated with the medication.
    1. Include any required diagnostic testing. State the time frame for this testing (testing is before medication initiation or q 3 months, etc.). Includes normal results range for any listed laboratory tests.
    1. Provide a minimum of three appropriate medication-related teaching points for the client and/or family.
  Patient’s Chief Complaints: “ I think I am hearing voices” History of Present Illness LM states she believes her boyfriend is cheating on her, which her boyfriend denies. She states she can hear two women talking about her boyfriend and her, how they have sex with her boyfriend and how LM isn’t good enough for him. This has been occurring for a few weeks. Her boyfriend has been caught cheating in the past and she is now wondering if the women she hears talking about her boyfriend are real or not. She has not asked anyone else if they can hear the women talking because what they have to say is so negative. She hears these women taking mostly at home with her boyfriend  but sometimes she hears them when she is out too, especially when she is out in public with her boyfriend. Past psychiatric history: None Past Medical History: Occasional headaches, overweight Family History Father is deceased, died by suicideMother is alive and wellOne brother has history of substance abuse   Social History Lives with boyfriend and his son States she does not have any friends unemployedHigh school graduate NonsmokerDrinks socially, 1-2 times a week Several cups of coke or sweet tea during the dayvapes CBD  1-2 times a week. no formal exercise   Review of Systems occasional headache, relieved with acetaminophenappetite good, weight stable sleeps 7-9 hours at night Allergies:  NKDA  Physical Examination: General Alert, appropriately dressed Caucasian female in no apparent distress. She  appears older than her stated age. Vital Signs: BP-116/76, T-98.6F, P-86, RR-20, SpO2: 100%  Wgt 170 lbs,  Ht 5’6”
Mental status exam: •Cranial nerves II-VIII intact Gait steady •Denies headache and dizziness Appearance: appropriate dress for age and situation, well nourished, eye contact poor, No apparent distress Alertness and Orientation: fully oriented to person‚ place‚ time‚ and situation, Alert Behavior: cooperative  Speech: soft, flat Mood: euthymic Affect: constricted, congruent Thought Process: logical‚ linear Thought content: No thoughts of suicide‚ self-harm‚ or passive death wish Perceptions: No evidence of psychosis, not responding to internal stimuli, reports auditory hallucinations. Memory: Recent and remote WNL Judgement/Insight: Insight is fair, Judgement is fair Attention and observed intellectual functioning:  Attention intact for purpose of assessment. Fund of knowledge: Good general fund of knowledge and vocabulary Musculoskeletal: normal gait and station

Diagnosis: F20.9 Schizophrenia, unspecified

Psychopharmacology Questions: see the assignment rubric

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