Please review this assignment tutorial for help filling out this worksheet.

1) Select one aspect of culture from the List of Topics. Once you’ve made your selection, please delete all other options.


2) Select a source to use for Part I of the paper. You will be using your textbook and the Body Ritual Among Nacirema article by Miner for this part of the paper, but for this worksheet, include the source you found through your own research. Review the ANT101 Evaluating Sources tutorial, available in your online classroom, and enter your reference in the space below.

Using the APA: Formatting Your References List guide, enter your reference entry in APA format:

moore, peter. (2020). Reinventing religion : beyond belief and scepticism. London, England : Reaktion Books.

3) Include the reference for Part II that corresponds to the topic you’ve chosen. Copy and paste the reference entry from the List of Topics (e.g., if you chose Education, you would use the article by Jonsson for Part II).

Chapter 7: Religion and Culture Ryan, L. (2011). Muslim women negotiating collective stigmatization: ‘We’re just normal people.’ Sociology, 45(6), 1045-1060.

4) Summarize the main points from each of your sources. See Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing for help with summarizing your sources. 

Summary of your source for Part I (include one to two paragraphs, totaling at least 300 words). Enter your summary in the space below.

Source 1: When looking at what religion has done to this country, as far as divided upon beliefs, making one holier than thou. Why is there such a division, when we do not even know what really lies out there past our level of existence, this means that we are all on an equal level, at least in the eyes of religion.

Source 2: Islam is a publicly shamed religion, mainly because of desert storm and the 9/11 attacks. I have been to Afghanistan and I have seen personally that they are just like everyone else.

Summary of your source for Part II (include one to two paragraphs, totaling at least 300 words). Enter your summary in the space below.

5) Write a working thesis statement based on your sources. Refer to the Writing Center’s Thesis Generator resource and the Final Introduction Example, available in your online course.

Working Thesis Statement: Religion is not a social division and does not bring someone else higher than anyone.

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